About Us

We at eReadAfrica are challenged by the continued decline in the reading culture in our society especially amongst our kids and the need to innovate using technology in education.

eReadAfrica is an educational initiative aimed at igniting a thirst for knowledge in kids by opening a world (of) possibilities to them through our uniquely designed eLearning  programme.

Our Vision:

A literate Africa where kids can aspire, dream and actualize it, through easy access to books regardless of geographical area.

Our mission:

To promote the use of technology, as a means to ignite curiosity and thirst for knowledge in Africa.



What We Do

  • We provide schools and other educational institutions with reading partners trained to ignite, stimulate and sustain a thirst for knowledge in kids through our level based eReading programme.
  • Provide schools with eReaders for classroom use, this is aimed at meeting the need of millennia kids who have been shown to be digital natives and prefer to digest content in this manner.
  • Provide age appropriate eBooks and interactive educational apps.
  • We provide training on use of technology in the classroom.
  • Collaborative and unique online learning experience through Skype and other forums.
  • Collaborative creativity and innovation challenge sessions.




Our Team

We are entrepreneurs and educationalists with a passion for technology and its ability to revolutionize how our kids learn.



Clifford Ifebueme
Cliff is an entrepreneur and a lifelong learner. He is passionate about technology, thus his key focus is on making learning interactive and rewarding through the use of cutting edge technology and effective learning platforms. He believes every child should be given the opportunity to dream and see it come through.



Ella is an innovative and passionate change-agent in the field of education. Her experience cuts across Consulting, Sales and Early Year’s Education. She loves exploring new frontiers in education. Her aspiration is to nurture creativity in children and support them to aspire to any height while unleashing their natural creative talents. For her, it’s all about putting children first.



Ayopeju  Njideaka
Ayo is a chartered accountant turned teacher and teacher trainer. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and an International Diploma in Montessori Education (21/2 – 5 years) and has worked extensively with young children and their teachers in the areas of reading and writing. Her understanding of and respect for the learning needs of children, including fun whilst learning, plays a major role in working with them. She believes that children are “digital natives” so technology must play a major role in developing their reading interest and skills.



Efe  Ifezuo
She is a programme coordinator with years of teaching experience and a devout mother.



Let’s meet your learning needs: 

Are you a school?  Would you like to be part of our unique experience?
Are you an author? Would you like to share your book with us, read with our partner schools?
Is your organisation interested in forging new educational partnerships?
Be part of our eLearning program aimed at providing a unique learning experience for kids.