About eRead Africa Learning Centre

An innovative learning hub where kids get to do and learn in an interactive and personalized way. We understand that kids learn differently and that’s why we take our time in understanding the various needs of each individual child. In the centre no child is left behind.


The MathRoom: Universally math is not a subject well liked by both kids and adults, but we can’t escape its usefulness in our day to day existence. Here at the centre, we do it a bit differently. Kids get to watch various videos on topics as basic as single digit addition to more complex equations and thereafter try their hands on various exercises with our trained learning guides always ready to help when needed. It’s just like one of the kids said” This is really cool; I feel like I have my own personal teacher in my pocket and I can rewind her as much as I like”.

Reading: readers are leaders and that’s why we have gone the extra mile in meeting the needs of the new generation of learners by introducing reading on tablets and other devices. This way their need for gadgets are meet and they also get to read very interesting books that will continue to engage and inspire them to be life long readers.

Coding: Are we serious? Yes we are! Our coding class using scratch,a drag and drop programming language suitable for children is a hit with the kids.

While learning how to build fun games and interactive stories it also builds their logical reasoning skills. Who says the next Bill Gates or Mark Zukerberg might just not come from this part of the world.

Creative writing: Using our own unique formula and also in partnership with Nightzookeeper.com we nurture and harness the creative side of these kids. They are exposed to gamified creative process which allows kids their age from around the world to share stories and graduate to different stages.

Global collaboration: using Skype and Google hangouts our kids both at the centre and schools we partner with have meet various local,international authors and schools from different parts of the world.

Here at the centre the world is just a Skype or Hangout away.

We aim to be in every possible school both public and private. For us, meeting the needs of the new generation of learners is a passion. We have also partnered with imagination foundation to harness and promote creativity in kids through the annual cardboard challenge.

Our Partners